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Design Inspired Marketing


Print Design

Opportunity Delivers Experience

A well designed piece of print will always carry a sense of kudos and value, any visuals that are given a final outcome onto materials are considered print design. Print can be super effective in the sales process, getting people hooked on its tactile appearance.

Print Design

Brand Identity

Powerful Visual Promotion

Brand creation is coming up with your entire visual identity, from the nib of my pencil to the design on your business card, side of your office building or better yet a graphic on the rear wing of a Boeing 747. This is the visual language of a product or service, including everything from logos to a complete customer experience.

Whether you are looking to create brand recognition, drive special offers, launch a new product or communicate an opportunity, my expertise allows me to identify and design the adverts to powerfully convey your message and generate action. I think that, while the development of brands is okay, I love to create brands from scratch.


Online Design

High Quality Websites

If you’re looking for an original, custom & functional website for yourself or your business, without breaking the marketing budget, we’ve got you covered. Harflo Creative offers a full range of the most effective online services to get your business or idea the promotion and presentation it deserves. From simple social media, cost effective brochure sites or complex online commerce, we will work with you to produce a stunning web presence you'll be proud of!

Before any work begins, a consultation will help you determine the best avenue for your project.

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